Top 5 Best Student-Friendly Cities To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the beneficial experiences for a college student. Travelling into a whole new environment, meeting new people and engaging in a multicultural zone are some of the major benefits that attract many students. But finalising to study abroad is as daunting as it is inspiring to many young folks. Going away from your home also brings a lot of challenges as you open a new chapter of your life.

That’s why, it is necessary to back up your decision with excellent planning and a positive mindset, you can fulfill all your dreams. Deciding upon your course, choosing your university and relying on a safe environment for a student are three major areas of importance. So, if you’re thinking of studying abroad, make sure you find an ideal destination that suits all your needs and creates ample opportunities for your long-term success.

To help you out, we have selected a few of the best student-centric cities which often bring an overall learning experience for newcomers. Learn about the 5 famous student cities and take in the allure and culture of them:

Safe Toronto City

Studying in Toronto has become an appealing option for International students. According to the latest statistics, every year roughly one million of international students migrate to Toronto city to study and work. Apart from the safety, this city also has a wealth of cultural diversity, which truly inspires students to study from across the world.

In addition, you will also find many Recognized Universities and Colleges which are located in this amazing city and provide a plethora of prestigious courses in various disciplines, including Medicine, Journalism, Politics, etc. Once you get a degree, you will get the golden opportunity to work in top-notch companies.

Furthermore, irrespective of who you’re and where you’re coming from, you will be welcomed warmly by the Canadians. The North American country invests a lot of effort to guarantee the safety of international students.

Vibrant Nottingham City

Nottingham is an iconic city in Nottinghamshire, England. This beautiful city is bound to offer you memorable experiences. Whether you’re a student or a traveller, you will always be thrilled by the adventurous and remarkable experiences. In Nottingham city, you will find several cultural attractions to explore that offer a welcoming environment for many young minds.

Apart from modern shopping malls and historic sites, there are a plethora of Universities/ Colleges that aim in providing quality education and academic excellence to the students. Top-ranked universities such as Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, and many more are famous for students in Nottingham city.

Students can find excellent and incredible courses that enhance their career goals and give success. Besides these, you will also find an endless array of safe options for student accommodation in Nottingham. These student accommodation options are convenient, budget-friendly and aim to provide a safe environment for students.

Exciting London City

London earned the reputation of being the “Best Student City in the United Kingdom” as it is the dream city for many international students. The city has been capturing the hearts of millions of students for many years now. More than 40 top-ranked universities in London include London’s School of Economics, University College London, Queen Mary University of London, etc.

The city has many historical places such as the National Gallery and Buckingham Palace, making the students learn about British culture. There are many options available for student’s housing apart from learning & working opportunities. The colleges are providing affordable & safe housing options to all international students.

Bustling New York City

New York is one of the most famous and oldest cities in the United States. Being popularly known as the centre of the US metropolitan area, New York is home to some of the country’s tallest skyscrapers filled with culinary adventure, bustling nightlife and exciting culture.

New York City is always an overwhelming city for students as well as travellers. Millions of international students have fallen in love with this city because of the unforgettable student experience this city gives to students. This city is a premier destination to study abroad, with many international students flocking every year to complete their studies.

Poets, journalists, writers, artists, musicians love to make their great work-life life. Dive deep into the great cultural attractions of bustling New York City. It is home to several astounding museums, shopping sites, top-ranked Universities, libraries and more.

Student housing in New York City, located nearby the attractions of Manhattan, including Central Park Manhattan House and other great attractions. You can find so many apartments that are safe and affordable. After a 45-minute train ride, students can find themselves in midtown Manhattan, merely steps away from Times Square.

Historic Edinburgh City

One of the beautiful cities in the heart of the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is called one of the most famous historical cities on the planet. A vibrant city which rose from the wild firth of forth to a high, Edinburgh is often regarded as a centre of arts, culture & entertainment centre, which allows this city to host year-round events and activities for students.

Top-notch universities such as The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University and many more provide incredible study options to students. Apart from education, you can learn about this city’s deep history by discovering historical monuments, museums, and sites.

Living in Edinburgh city is exciting but on the other hand, finding safe student housing options is a little competitive due to the utmost quality education. So it becomes a complex and challenging task to find a perfect student accommodation in Edinburgh, but worry not, your ideal research will give you success.

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