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Express Entry – PNP – Red Seal Program

What is Permanent Residency

Canada Permanent Resident or Canada PR refers to a person, who does not have the country’s citizenship, but has been provided with the permission to reside, and/or do a job or business or invest inside the nation’s territories, without any restrictions at all on time- period put on his stay in Canada.

After 3 years, you become eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

After PR, you can enjoy all the rights of a citizen except for right to vote in elections and Canadian passport. New regulations are in the pipeline whereby a Permanent Residence card (PR CARD) holder of Canada would be required to stay in Canada for at least 4 out of 6 years to retain residency and in addition may be required to stay for 6 months out of every 12 month period. 

PR Programs in Canada

Canada offers a number of ways to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. These are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program This program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience who want to immigrate to Canada permanently.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program This program is for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade.
  • Canadian Experienced Class This program is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience and want to become permanent residents.
  • Provincial Nomination Program This program is for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada and live in a particular province except Quebec.
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers This program is for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada and live in Quebec.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced EXPRESS ENTRY Program to streamline the process of PR application. Importantly, Express Entry is not a PR program, but an online application platform and scoring matrix to evaluate one’s profile for PR Visa. In order to be eligible for Express Entry, one must fulfil the eligibility criteria of first three PR programs. As the name suggests, processing time through Express Entry is less than 6 months.

Applications for Provincial Nomination Programs is generally  made separately with each Province. One can also show interest in a province while creating Express Entry profile. In this case Province will contact you if they are interested for further application process. 

Express entry is a point based system where your education, work experience, English language skills and other factors are scored and an overall CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System) is calculated. 

Documents Required

Following documents are required to apply for Canada PR

  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Skills assessment test
  • Proof of funds
  • Originals, copies, and official translations of documents supporting the application.
  • Diplomas, degrees, certificates and trade papers that show you are qualified to work in your chosen field. These are required for Skilled Worker applications and may support other types of cases as well.
  • Your personal certificates i.e.
    • educational degrees,
    • diplomas, and certificates,
    • Passport
    • Birth certificates
  • Language Test Results (IELTS, etc.)
  • Fees
  • Other documents based on the different visa categories.
  • Certified immunization records- Children under 16 has to provide this card so that they can go to a school in Canada.
  • Reference letters from past employers. This is a necessity for skilled worker program and other programs where work experience is needed.
  • Police NOC, or as they are some of the time called, proof of non-criminal record, is vital. They have to be collected from every nation that you have resided in for over a half year (6 months) constantly until the age of 18.
  • 2 Photocopies of both sides of your personal ID (Aadhaar card, DL, PAN card).
  • 2 passport size photos of yourself that meet the Canadian citizenship/immigration requirement.
  • Proof of payment for the whole process.
  • Original translations and affidavits approved by a translator are needed if any documents you give in are not in Canada’s two official languages, English and French.​

Cost to Apply for Canada PR

The total expenditure for applying for Canada PR by Express Entry come out to be approximately INR 95,000. To know more and find out the breakup click here.

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