Updates on UK Tier-4 Study Visa and Post-Study Work Visa due to COVID-19

UK Visas and Immigration has recently announced an update on the exemptions to Tier 4 guidance as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. UKVI also finally provided a bit more clarification on the Post-Study Work Visa (GIR) set to come in force in Summer 2021 within that update as well. Please find below the key changes:

Updates to Tier 4 exemptions due to Covid-19

  • UKVI has confirmed that Sponsors will be able to issue CAS to students who need to commence their studies by distance/blended learning.
  • This is permissible where students intend to transition to ‘traditional’ face-to-face learning ‘as soon as circumstances allow’.
  • This concession has been put in place for the duration of the 2020/2021 academic year and will be regularly monitored by UKVI.

Graduate Immigration Route/Post-Study Work visa

  • The route is still scheduled to launch in Summer 2021.
  • UKVI has confirmed that students who have to undertake some of their studies online, by distance or blended learning, are still eligible to apply for the Graduate route.
  • Students will need to enter the UK latest by 6th April 2021 and complete the final term/semester of their study in the UK in order to be eligible to apply for the route.
  • Students will need to have valid leave to remain on their existing Tier 4 visa when the route opens in Summer 2021 in order to be eligible to apply.

For example, if the student completes his/her first semester online in January and is able to travel to the UK after the restrictions are withdrawn, he/she will still be eligible for the 2-year extension under the Graduate Immigration Route scheme.

UKVI will continue to keep us updated on all developments with this route.

This is a confirmation that the temporary concession allowing students to study by distance learning on a Tier 4 visa will continue to apply through the 2020/2021 academic year, due to the ongoing uncertainty as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Note that this is only permissible where a student intends to travel to the UK and commence face-to-face study as soon as possible and that UKVI intends to monitor that this concession is being ‘used appropriately’.

Refer to the complete guidelines by clicking the button below:

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